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Gopher Grades
A presentation of the University of Minnesota Grade Dataset
See the average GPA per course

Find the number of A's & the average GPA for each course / instructor.

Data Driven

Data is provided directly by the University of Minnesota.



Introducing GopherGrades, a presentation of the University of Minnesota Grade Distribution Data for each course on a per-instructor basis. Using GPA data from the most recent 10 full semesters (Summer 2017 through Summer 2020), the Gopher Grade distribution for every course was found for each primary instructor. Use the search tool below to search for Courses as well as Instructors at UMN. For more information regarding the data please visit the About page. Thanks for visiting GopherGrades!

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Each graph shows the distribution of the grades for each course or instructor on a GPA scale from 0.0 to 4.0.

(Highest Avg. Grades)(Lowest Avg. Grades)
Instructors with average grades significantly lower than the average grade for a course have increasing red hues.
Final 5%

The darkest shading shows the median grades in a course, with each lighter showing grades further from the median in the percentiles listed above.

Data Warning

The data visualized on GopherGrades is in no way an accurate representation of the respective primary instructors or courses. There are many external impacts that can affect the grades received in a course including variables such as but not limited to the lecturer, fall vs spring vs summer semester, class time, online format or in-person format, and the students themselves. This website is only intended to provide a display to the Summer 2017 – Summer 2020, Grade Distribution Data released by the University of Minnesota. Please do not use this data as a method of determining your academic choices.


This project was created by Daniel Glynn, Samuel O’Brien, and Broden Wanner. Please visit the About Page for more information.

Daniel Glynn

Data Analysis - Project Lead

Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student and computer science minor. Lover of learning new things and exploring how tasks can be automated.

Samuel O'Brien

Backend Developer

Computer Engineering undergraduate student. Proud Rustecean. Plays Guitar and Rocket League in his free time.

Broden Wanner

Frontend Developer

Computer Science undergraduate student and music minor. Hates JavaScript but will do it anyway. All hail Goldy.

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